Fees & Bursaries

Payment Methods

Fees are charged termly in advance, and extras are charged in arrears. Each invoice must be paid in full by the first day of term. Other methods for payment of fees by instalments are available; details can be obtained from the Finance Office. A full term’s notice is required when removing a pupil from the school or a term’s fee in lieu will be payable.

Bursary Scheme

We may be able to offer help with fees through our Bursary Scheme. A bursary (financial support) is to provide a Scholarship to reward and encourage excellence by discounting up to 50% of the school fees. This is available to a limited number of pupils with above average ability who without the financial assistance may be unable to attend the Royal School. Full details can be requested from the School. Every year the Royal School Charitable Trust offers financial support to help with school fees to appropriate pupils whose families may not otherwise be in a position to consider attending the school.

Fees & Charges 2023 – 2024