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  1. To achieve High Standards of Achievement.

  2. Monitor results and intervene.

  3. Provide opportunities to explore Mathematics

  4. Provide links to Careers.


  • Mr I Millar – Head of Department

  • Mr K. Hooks

  • Mr D. Cunningham

  • Mr S. Cardwell

  • Mrs S. Welshman

  • Mr N. McConnell


The Mathematics department has data projectors, interactive smartboards and an ipad. Mini whiteboards are used along with information on the VLE to supplement work from textbooks. Many Mathematical websites are encouraged including CCEA and Edexcel. CGP GCSE discs allow for video explanations.

At Key Stage 3 the department use mymaths textbooks which encourage a problem solving approach. The books used at Key Stage 4 have been written specifically by Neil Hamilton for the GCSE CCEA course. The Further Maths course is taught through the CCEA textbook. At A Level the books from the Heinemann series (Edexcel) are used.

Monitoring and Intervention.

  • Peer tutoring throughout Key Stage 3 and 4.

  • Support classes after school.

  • Target setting after topic tests. Years 8 to 12.

  • Team teaching.

Mathematical Careers and Events.

  • Year 8 brought to the Planetarium for Magical Mathematics during Mathsweek.

  • Year 8 Mathematical quiz within Armagh Area Learning Community.

  • Year 9 Fun Day.

  • Year 10. N.I.E. workshops.

  • Year 10. Moneysense (Ulster Bank) workshop on starting a Business.

  • United Kingdom Maths Challenges at Year 9, 12 and 13.

  • Year 11 Business Studies link in Stock Exchange Competition.

  • Year 11 Charity Maths Challenge.

  • Year 11 trip to Q.U.B.

  • Year 13 Engineering talks.

  • Year 14 Further Mathematics offered.