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Facilities/ Resources

There are 7 well equipped labs each with an adjoining store situated in the Science block of the school, as well as access to IT The Science department is serviced by 2 laboratory technicians. It is their responsibility to ensure any practical apparatus that is required is in the correct location and that any reprographic or audio-visual resources are also looked after

Curriculum Organisation

Key Stage 3

In Years 8 & 9 is taught in tutor classes. Class size is no more than 27. They all receive 5 35 minute lessons per week (2 hour 55mins per week) and at least 2 homeworks are set per week. In Year10 it is taught in tutor groups with each separate science allocated 2 35 minute period lessons per week (2hours 30 minutes per week) and at least one homework is set in each Science per week.

Key Stage 4

In years 11 and 12 Double Award Science and Triple Science is taught is taught in GCSE option groups. Set size depends on the number of pupils taking the option, but is no more than 24. They all receive four 35minute lessons per week (2 hours 20 minutes per week) and two homework sessions per week,

Key Stage 5

In Years 13 and 14 Physics Chemistry and Biology is taught within A/S and A2 option groups. Set size depends on the number of pupils to take the option. They all receive seven 35-minute lessons per week (4 hours 40 minutes per week). Classes are shared by two teachers.


There is a Science Club for Year8 which allows the pupils to take part in fun activities and experiments to help nurture an enjoyment of all things scientific and also to foster a better understanding of some significant science principles. Regular visits to the local planetarium are organised, as well as visits to local industries and universities.

Pupils also take part in outside quizzes and presentations related to science