The Board of Governors

The Headmaster, Mr Montgomery, is responsible to the Board of Governors on all school matters. The Board currently comprises 28 Governors and 1 co-opted Governor. The Board bears responsibility in law for the activities of the school. The Secretary to the Board, Mr McConnell, advises on governance, legal matters and the financial framework. Many governors are ‘Old Armachians’ and parents (past and present) and the composition of the Board covers a comprehensive range of the professional skill-sets required to lead and run such a large and diverse organisation, both operationally and strategically.

The principal functions of the Board are:

1. To monitor and to advise on all aspects of the school’s activities

2. The control of the school’s finances.

All decisions are taken by the full Board, which meets four times each year. The Management Committee of the Board, which comprises a sub-set of the Governors, meets eleven times each year and approves the budget and all capital expenditure. The Management Committee is also concerned with staffing and the upkeep of school facilities.

The Board consists of 28 members (27 voting and the Headmaster non-voting) appointed as follows:-

Foundation Governors

5 Governors elected by the Council of the Diocese of Armagh

Rev. P Gamble (Acting Chairman)
Very Revd G J O Dunstan, Dean of Armagh (Chairman of the Management Committee)
Revd M Kingston
Revd M Hagan
Mr M Dickson

3 Governors elected by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Rev A D Davidson
Mr W H Scott
Rev E P Gamble (Vice-chairman)

1 Governor elected by the Conference of the Methodist Church in Ireland

Mr H McMullan

6 Co-Opted Governors

Mr T Edgar
Mrs K Taylor
Mr D R D Mitchell
Mrs R Shilliday
Lord Kilclooney of Armagh
Mrs K Reaney

6 Governors appointed by the Department of Education and the Education Authority

3 Department of Education

Mrs S L Ross
Mr G Berry
Mr M Greenaway

3 Education Authority

Mr I Lewis
Mr I McCall

3 Parent Governors

Pastor I Grant
Mr I Hutchinson

Mr B Taylor


Mr D Cunningham
Mr H Millar
Mrs G L Montgomery


Mr G G W Montgomery


Mr S T H McConnell

Since the school’s inception in 1608, the Chairman of the Board of Governors has been the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All-Ireland.