Bebras Top Performers Head to Oxford Computing Challenge

Huge congratulations to Benjamin Cochrane and William Parr on being invited to participate in the University of Oxford‘s ‘Oxford University Computing Challenge’, also known as the OUCC!

The OUCC is an invitational event which aims to encourage pupils who have achieved a top 10% score in the UK Bebras Challenge to develop their skills further and produce programmed solutions to computational thinking problems.

The OUCC Syllabus consists of two main areas:

  1. Strings, Output and Input, Mathematical and Logical Operators, Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Lists and Arrays, File Input/Output, and Classes and Objects.

  2. Logical Thinking, Algorithmic Thinking, Decomposition, Pattern Identification, Abstraction, Evaluation, and De-bugging.

Both Benjamin and William actually scored in the top 5% of entrants, which is an incredible feat.

Benjamin and William’s Computing teacher, Mr Forrest, commented:“Congratulations Ben and William! We are so proud of you both for being invited to participate in the prestigious Oxford University Computing Challenge. This is an incredible achievement and a testament to your abilities.

The OUCC is a fantastic opportunity for you to take your skills to the next level and challenge yourselves with new and exciting computational thinking problems.

I am confident that you both will make the most of this opportunity and we can’t wait to hear all about your experience. Keep up the great work and congratulations again on this well-deserved achievement!”

Pictured (L-R) Mr G. G. W. Montgomery (Headmaster), Benjamin Cochrane, William Parr, Mr. L. Forrest (Teacher of Computing)