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The food is of a high quality and is all home made.

Boarding Menu

Week Commencing 6 June 2016

Menu subject to deliveries

Salad Bar daily, also Baked Bread, Cheese and Crackers, Fresh Fruit & Yoghurts

Mon 14

Chicken Curry  & Boiled Rice

Naan Bread

Gammon, Parsley Sauce

Roasted Veg, Cauliflower Cheese

Garlic Potatoes, Wedges

Tues 15

Shredded Beef in Black Bean Sauce & Boiled Rice

Chicken Drumstick & BBQ Sauce

Baby Potatoes, Baked or Chips

Green Beans & Sweetcorn

Weds 16

Honey & Mustard Chicken, Gravy

Battered Fish

Broccoli & Carrots

Champ, Herb Dice Potatoes

Thurs 17

Taco Pitta

Chicken & Broccoli Bake

Mashed, Baked or Sauté Potatoes

Turnip & Peas

Frid 18


Chicken Nuggets

Beans, Chips, Salad

Sat 19

Sun 20

Cottage Pie

Baby Potatoes

Cauliflower & Sweetcorn

Lemon Sponge & Custard

Steak Burger in Bap, Bacon & Cheese

Chips, Spaghetti

Salad Bar

Roast Chicken, Gravy, Stuffing

Roast & Mash

Brussels Sprouts & Carrots

Jelly & Ice Cream

Spring Rolls Veg/Duck

Savoury Rice, Sweetcorn