Junior Drama Club

Junior Drama Club meets once a week and is for students in Year 8-10. We discuss and practise a range of dramatic techniques, and try to learn new skills to enhance our theatrical performances. Over the course of the year, students will have the opportunity to work both individually and as part of a group, helping to develop creativity, teamwork and communication skills. Students will also use self-evaluation and constructive feedback from their peers to help improve the quality of their acting.

Our club activities will include elements of the following areas of drama:

  • Mime

  • Performance poetry

  • Monologues

  • Movement, language and tone

  • Music and dance in performance

  • Acting and re-acting

  • Small and large scale performances

  • Scriptwriting and directing

  • Plays in performance

Every two years, the school production takes place, which is a large-scale affair involving many students from throughout the school. The production usually takes the form of a well-known musical, so the large cast and range of roles allows for students of various acting abilities to get involved. Junior Drama Club is an excellent way for younger members of the school to develop their skills and nurture their stage presence in preparation for these bigger productions; it will also introduce them to backstage elements such as sound and lighting, in case that is an avenue they wish to pursue.

At Junior Drama Club, the emphasis is very much placed on having fun and developing self-confidence. Students of all acting abilities are welcome. Participants just need to make sure they have an interest in drama and are willing to try new things!