Programming Club

Is C# worth learning?

C# could get you a job. The growth of C# was spurred by the release of Windows 8 and Windows 10. C# is currently the most used language in the development of third-party apps for Windows. It also is a very popular language on mobile devices, including the Windows Phone.

C# is also the most-used language in programming for Windows Silverlight, which in 2011 became more popular than Adobe Flash.

Because of all these factors, companies are looking for C# savvy programmers. And the pay isn’t bad, either; according to, even entry level C# developers make an average of £35,000 a year.

Is C# easy to learn?

C# is simple. Sure, any programming language requires time to learn and master, but the C# learning curve was made to be short for those already versed in programming languages.

Learning any programming language (especially C#) could play a crucial role in your application to a third level education institution as well as adding another immeasurable skill to your resume which will definitely make you a more attractive prospect to potential employers.

So, whether your wish to learn to program solely to help with your educational studies or to ‘skill up’, attending our programming club will an invaluable way to ‘invest’ your spare time.