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Facilities and Resources

The AQA specification is well supported by a range of materials. Up to date textbooks are supplemented by a range of materials on the VLE. Students are also able to access material in the school library and internet.

KS5 curriculum

Sociology is offered at A level only and currently follows the AQA specification. This means that it is now a two year A level, marks from the AS examination cannot be used to boost the overall A level grades. However, this allows students to develop more depth and understanding of the course and should not deter students from studying it.

Like other A level subjects, Sociology teaches the skills of analysing and evaluating. However, its content is fascinating and relevant to modern life. We study the patterns of society and offer explanations of why class, gender and ethnicity are still influencing the lifestyles and life chances of people in the United Kingdom. The subject is suitable for those who are interested in people and current affairs. If you want to be able to watch the news and understand the background to education policies and crime reports amongst a range of topics, then Sociology is the subject for you.

Students at first find the new subject challenging but the number of those who have chosen to study it at university is testament to its popularity. Results are also consistently good.