The Creative Writing Club

By Denis Navickas – RSA Media Team Member

“I write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still.”
Sylvia Plath

Members of the creative writing club will attest to the joy of writing. Whether it be by pen or pencil, in a notebook or on a scrap piece of paper, writing allows you to create worlds previously unexplored and colourful characters whose stories haven’t yet been told. The only limit is your imagination!

The club meets every Thursday in MC2 to write and discuss ideas with one another, giving members the perfect opportunity to perfect their craft, learn from others, and share the joy of creative writing.

The club is run by a committee of dedicated members, who meet regularly to plan and coordinate activities and creative writing tasks. Biweekly, a committee member will present to the others an element of creative writing which they think is important, and how you can improve it. Previous topics have included:

  • How to write good characters

  • Worldbuilding

  • Plot structure models

With many more insightful presentations planned for the future, this is a great opportunity to learn about what makes good writing. These interactive presentations are followed by members putting the skills they’ve learned that day to the test in a specially prepared activity.

The remaining weeks are totally based on what members decide they want out of the club. One week may see them utilising plot prompts to write short stories, another may see them share something they’ve written in their own free time. As one member put it: “In the creative writing club I can improve my writing skills with the encouragement of others. I look forward to it every week!” 

Most importantly, this is a safe space for members of any year group to have fun with writing. A big thank you is in place to Mrs Millar, who supervises the club’s activities and offers her literary wisdom to all those who seek it. 

If you would like to know more about the range of extracurricular activities the school offers, we’ll be excited to keep in touch with you on Facebook and Instagram, as well as updates from the RSA Media Team!