On Saturday 25th June 2022 the Royal School Armagh TaeKwon-Do Club welcomed Master Iqbal VIII Dan Black Belt to the school.


Master Iqbal was accompanied by Mrs-Dunne-Hanif IV Dan Black Belt having travelled from England and both were at the school after being invited by the Royal School Armagh TaeKwon-Do Club Instructor Mr Taylor III Dan Black Belt.


This was to provide a TaeKwon-Do lesson for the most senior Royal School pupils who are preparing to take their Black Belt grading. The lesson was at the level for senior students and each of the pupils that attended gained a depth of knowledge that comes with being trained by an 8th Dan Master in TaeKwon-Do. Master Iqbal spoke to the pupils at the end of the lesson with each of them due to receive individually tailored advice to assist them in preparing for their Black Belt grading. Master Iqbal and Mrs Dunne-Hanif spent time with Mr Taylor after the lesson had finished and commented on the maturity that the pupils displayed as well as how they could present themselves and talk confidently on an individual basis and in front of others. The pupils were also described as being fine examples of their grade in TaeKwon-Do and of the Royal School Armagh, showing great energy and courtesy as well as having dedication and perseverance over a period of years and the willingness to continually follow instructions and advice and grow accordingly. Master Iqbal and Mrs Dunne-Hanif thanked the Royal School Armagh for their very warm welcome during their visit.