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december, 2018

01decalldayCCF Local Heroes Competition at Hydebank TA Centre

01decalldayRugby-1st & 2nd XV (A) to Rainey Endowed - depart 7.45am / Medallion XV, U14 XV & U13 XV (H) to Rainey - KO 10am

01decalldayAQE Common Entrance Test - Paper 3 at 10am

01decalldayCCF - SAA Weekend 1 - Palace Barracks

01decalldayAQE Common Entrance Test - Paper 3 at 10am

01decalldayHockey- All teams against Sullivan Upper

02decallday38 Brigade CFAV development day at Thiepval Barracks

03decalldayReporting Year 8

03decalldayBoard of Governors Meeting

04decalldaySenior Choir Rehearsal period 10 Reid Hall MH I/c

04decalldayHockey-U12X1A vs Killicomaine JHS (A) leaving Period 10 JAK I/c

04decalldayPastoral Team Meeting 3.20pm in Conference Room

04decalldayJunior Chamber Choir Carol Singing at Presbyterian Mall church 1-2pm CP I/c

05decalldaySenior Choir Rehearsal periods 8-10 MH I/c

05decalldayHockey-U14X1A vs Killicomaine JHS (A) League leaving period 8 WM and EQ I/c

05decalldayCCF practice for inspection periods 9 & 10 MB I/c

05decalldayRugby- 2nd XV Cup vs Omagh at (H) start 2.30pm / 1st XV vs Sullivan Upper at Armagh RFC at 7.30pm

06decalldayBrass Group Rehearsal period 4 MH I/c

06decalldayJunior Choir Rehearsals periods 8-10 CP I/c

06decalldayCCF inspection periods 1-8 RMcD I/c

07decalldayHockey-U12A & B teams vs Omagh Academy (H) during Games JAK & EQ I/c

07decalldayQUB Maths competition periods 3-10 NMcC I/c

07decalldayRugby-U12 vs Wallace HS (H) at 2.30pm

07decalldayCadet rehearsal Remembrance Parade 1.45pm-3.15pm MB I/c

08decalldayRugby- U12A and B vs Sullivan (H) KO 10am / 2nd & 3rd XV vs Sullivan (H) KO 10am / U13/U14/Med vs Sullivan (A) depart 7.45am

08decalldayHockey-- Seniors vs Omagh Academy (H)

10decalldayBoarding Department Christmas Dinner

10decalldayReporting 2 - Year 11

10decalldayJunior Choir at Cathedral periods 8-10 CP & MH i/c

11decalldaySenior Choir at Cathedral all day rehearsals MH i/c

11decalldayFestival of Nine Lessons and Carols St. Patrick's Cathedral at 7.30pm

13decalldaySenior Chamber Choir singing at Wedding St. Patrick's Cathedral 12 noon MH I/c

13decalldayYears 9 & 10 examinations begin until Tuesday 18 December 2018

14decalldayRugby-U12 A and B squads away to Lurgan JHS - Depart 1pm

14decalldayScripture Union Carol Singing

14decalldayYears 13 & 14 examinations begin until 19 December 2018

14decalldayHockey- U12A at Methody College Belfast 150 Year Anniversary Tournament all day returning around 4.30pm

15decalldayRugby-Med/ U14/ U13 XV home - KO at 9.30am

15decalldayRugby-1st and 2nd XV away to BRA - depart 7.45am

16decalldayDrama trip to London - Sunday 16 to Tuesday 17/12/2018

16decalldayOrchard County Orienteers on School grounds

19decalldayASHA Christmas Quiz

19decalldayChristmas Cinema Trip

19decalldayPreparatory Department Christmas Nativity (Gold, Frankincense and Mirth !!) 11am

20decalldayHouse Talent Show

20decalldayManagement Committee Meeting

21decalldayCHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS - school closes Friday 21/12/18 7 re-opens Monday 7/1/19

28decalldayScripture Union Committee Mystery Tour