Virtual Talent Show

Our end of year talent show usually consists of a packed-out assembly hall enjoying the array of acts performing their talents on stage. For obvious reasons, it was not possible to hold such an event this year. Not to deter us, we put together a virtual talent show instead, where pupils uploaded a video of their performance(s) for everyone to enjoy in their form classes today.

There were a total of 45 entries:

Armstrong with 12 | Beresford with 10 | D’Arcy with 17 | Rokeby with 5

… and a bonus entry from 8C pupils. This was not included in the judging as pupils were from different houses.

To help break up the monotony of the constant entries, there was a Christmas song ‘sing along’ to help keep spirits high. This proved to be a popular choice with the pupils. Along with this ‘filler’, we had clips of staff and sixth form pupils telling ‘cracker jokes’ which again, went down well will all classes.

Following the virtual talent show, pupils competed as a team within their respective form class against all other form classes in our annual end of year quiz.

This proved to be a huge success and enabled pupils to have a fun-filled day before the Christmas Holiday period sets in.

We would like to thank all the pupils who submitted an entry for the virtual talent show and for participating in the annual quiz.

The results are in and we can reveal the position of each house from today’s event.

House Virtual Talent Show

1. D’Arcy 485 points

2. Armstrong 281 points

3. Beresford 281 points

4. Rokeby 72 points

This places D’Arcy at the top of the House leaderboard as we bring 2020 to a close. The house leaderboard now looks like this:

D’Arcy                 14

Armstrong        12

Beresford          11

Rokeby               5

This year, there were 9 categories. Below is a list of pupils who won the top prize within a particular category:

   [1] Singing Solo – Alfie Abbott

   [2] Singing 2 or more – No entries

   [3] Tiktok – Beresford Prefects

   [4] Instrumental – Anna, Jonathan & Peter Finch

   [5] Variety – Louis Anderson

   [6] Dance / Gymnastics – Leah Murdy

   [7] Antics with Animals – Emma Storey

   [8] Lip Sync – Rokeby Prefects

   [9] Sketch – Beresford Prefects

Thank you to the staff who judged the various acts.

Annual Quiz

The quiz was comprised of 11 rounds. We are delighted to announce the top three places were as follows:

1st – 9A

2nd – 9C

3rd – 9B

We are sure that all pupils will agree that it was an enjoyable day and a huge success, given the current climate.

A particular thank you goes to Miss Hamilton and Mr. Forrest for organising and overseeing today’s events. Thank you to all the House Captains and Deputy House Captains for supporting the Heads of House for encouraging pupils in their respective houses to participate and for their many roles throughout the day and in the lead up to the event. Lastly, thank you to all form tutors who spent the day with their form class and hosted the day for their pupils.

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year.


Below are pictures that show the winners from each of the categories, with the exception of section 2 which didn’t have any entries.

Also pictured, is the final scoreboard from the annual quiz.