Celebrating Success with the iDEA Awards

During the last academic year, pupils in Year 9 embarked on an exciting educationl journey in ICT where they participated in the iDEA Awards programme. During this journey, pupils worked towards badges which recognises the achivement of pupils as they successfully completed the various challenges. We are delighted to celebrate the success of many of our pupils who have excelled in their ICT lessons to achieve an iDEA Awards certificate, which is the outcome accumulating a collection of badges.

So what’s the big iDEA?

The Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award, known as iDEA is an international award winning programme that helps users to develop digital, enterprise and employability skills through the completion of badges. These badges are earned through a series of online challenges which have been designed to test problem solving skills and challenge users to think critically to overcome problems.

Bronze, Silver & Gold

iDEA aspires to be the digital and enterprise equivalent of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Bronze is beginner, Silver intermediate and Gold advanced. The iDEA Bronze Award and iDEA Silver Award are available now, and Gold will be released in due course.

Mr Forrest, teacher of ICT, commented, “I was very impressed with the levels of engagement from our Year 9 pupils throughout the last academic year, particualrly during lockdown, and it is reassuring to know that pupils enjoyed their learning which is a testament to the iDEA awards programme. Pupils have been very positive about the tasks and have really shown a genuine interest in their learning. There was something for everyone and pupils had a level of freedom to take ownership of the areas where they wanted to explore in their learning. I would recommend the iDEA Awards platfor to people of all ages, given the diverse range of skills that it aims to develop and the satisfaction it brings when you complete a badge. I wish to commend all of our pupils for engaging so well with the materials and I want to highlight the success of those who have achieved a certificate. Congratulations.”

In Numbers

  • Participants: 104

  • Bronze Award winners: 59

  • Silver Award winners: 3

  • Total number of iDEA badges: 2,944

Silver Certificate Winners

Evie Scott

Evie has completed every single badge on the iDEA Awards platform and is excited to begin the gold category whenever it becomes available.

  • Bronze progress: 100%

  • Silver progress: 500 / 500

Niamh Carson

Niamh has almost completed every single badge on the iDEA Awards platform. She is looking forward to continuing with the iDEA journey.

  • Bronze progress: 100%

  • Silver progress: 420 / 500

Daniela Danuta

Daniela has completed every single badge on the iDEA Awards platform and is excited to begin the gold category whenever it becomes available.

  • Bronze progress: 100%

  • Silver progress: 500 / 500

Evie reflected on her experiences, “We started using the iDEA Award website in February 2021 over lockdown for ICT, and since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed it! The website consists of hundreds of badges to complete, which are divided into four main categories – Citizen, Worker, Maker and Entrepreneur. The badges teach and focus on many different and interesting topics, ranging from cyber security to advertising, from coding to digital careers! I found the badges very fun and interesting to work through because they teach you lots of valuable and fascinating information while also including enjoyable quizzes and interactive games to test your knowledge. My favourite category was the Worker category because it gave me lots of information that I can use in my daily life and in the future and it included lots of real-life situation games, using what I had learned to solve lifelike problems. My favourite badge was the ‘Teamwork’ badge because it helped me find out what role I typically fill within a team and showed me how vital teamwork is in everything! Through doing these badges, I have really improved my coding and teamwork skills and my ICT and computing abilities. I have also gained knowledge that will be useful in the future, such as preparing for job interviews, information about digital jobs and creating portfolios. I would definitely recommend trying out the iDEA website for yourself because it is such a valuable and fun learning experience! I have enjoyed the iDEA Award immensely and have learned and taken away so much from it!”

The Headmaster, Mr. G. Montgomery commented “I have been really impressed at the range and complexity of the tasks involved in the iDEA Awards.  Well done to all the pupils who have shown great commitment to work through the various tasks often at their own initiative.”

Bronze Certificate Winners