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Mr. S. Maclaine
Head of Department
Mr. O. Millar
Mr. P. Graham

Subject Information

Few subjects are as relevant to our everyday lives as Government and Politics. It is a stimulating and rewarding subject, suitable for anyone interested in people, power and fairness in society.

Studying GCE Government and Politics helps students to gain a better understanding of political systems and ideas and the changes these have made to society. They will be able to relate this understanding to local, national and international news events reported in the media. Students also explore the structures of authority and power in the political systems that have the greatest impact on their lives. They also have opportunities to develop the skills of analysis, research and evaluation, which employers value highly.

At RSA we only offer Government and Politics as a KS5 subject. In the AS units, students explore the political systems in Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Students who continue to A2 use their AS skills and knowledge to consider other democratic and non-democratic systems and the best way to govern any society.

The specification has four units:

Unit AS 1: The Government and Politics of Northern Ireland

Unit AS 2: The British Political Process

Unit A2 1: Option A: A Comparative Study of the Government and Politics of the United States of America and the United Kingdom

Unit A2 2: Option A: Political Power: Elitism, Pluralism, Marxism and Feminism. We will also study why states fail, legitimacy, authority and coercion


There are numerous careers that are available once a person has a degree in Politics. They are too numerous to list here; therefore, follow the hyperlink to a useful page highlighting the options and explanations on each.

The most prominent careers would be working as a Lawyer, Civil Servant, Government social research officer, Policy officer, Political risk analyst, Public affairs consultant, Security, Military, Law enforcement and a Social researcher. That said, the qualification is a useful passport to a wide range of jobs and professions.

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