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This course is taught at Saint Catherine’s College Armagh as part of the collaboration programme across the Armagh Area Learning Community

The aims of the Moving Image Art Department

CCEA qualifications in Moving Image Arts (MIA) are available at GCSE and GCE. Moving Image Arts offers you the unique opportunity to attend film school in school. It features projects and portfolio work which will help you to develop and refine your skills as a filmmaker. Areas of study encompassing a variety of different film styles and movements will broaden your experience of audio-visual culture and help to inform, inspire and contextualise your own creative ideas.

Moving Image Arts is an ideal choice for pupils wishing to pursue a career in the creative industries. This unique subject develops critical and creative abilities in all of the key creative areas of film production, including writing, directing, editing, producing and production design. While all pupils’ creative work is grounded in film analysis from a range of disciplines and contexts, the subject also fosters and encourages independence, originality and experimentation.

The course has been designed to cover the following skills and techniques:

  • broaden experience of audio-visual culture, developing a critical and well-informed approach to moving image study, research and practice

  • exploring opportunities for creativity and self-expression in the art of filmmaking,

  • developing and refining creative and technical skills in writing, directing, cinematography, production design, editing and sound;

  • developing a range of valuable and transferable skills for employment including scheduling, management of human and technical resources, leadership, team work, time-pressured decision-making, problem-solving and ability to show initiative

  • use technologies confidently and creatively to experiment, challenge and innovate

This specification encourages an approach to teaching and learning which integrates both the creative and critical aspects of moving image, enabling pupils to demonstrate skills and knowledge in both practical and theoretical contexts. Moving Image Arts is the study of films and film-making through the process of making short films. Through hands-on experience, pupils develop the creative and practical skills needed to make moving image products. Pupils will investigate the concept of realism in world cinema by exploring how successive national film movements, including Italian Neo-Realism, the French New Wave and Cinéma Vérité, challenged the realist style and narrative conventions of Hollywood. Moving Image Arts offers a challenging and rewarding course to teach and for anyone intent on any career path and includes many transferable skills, for example independent thinking, creative thinking, decision making, teamwork and setting and meeting deadlines.

The courses at GCSE and GCE level are offered by CCEA.

GCSE (specification snapshot):

GCE (Specification snapshot):

Possible career paths:

  • Film Director

  • Producer

  • Screen Writer

  • Editor

  • Cinematographer

  • Set and Costume Designer

  • Camera Operator

  • Sound Engineer


The following websites provide information on possible careers:

  • Creative Skillset

  • Honeycomb Creative Works

  • Creative Skillset NI

  • Northern Ireland Screen

  • Nerve Center

  • Cinemagic

  • Into Film

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